Best Dirt Bike Gloves for Off-Road Riders

Best Dirt Bike Gloves for Off-Road Riders

Best Dirt Bike Gloves for Off-Road Riders
Best Dirt Bike Gloves for Off-Road Riders

Best Dirt Bike Gloves for Off-Road Riders

Buying dirt bike gloves for off-road riding may seem to be a pretty simple thing. However, you should be picky about getting gloves that are sufficiently protective, as not every pair of gloves is right for it. The majority of dirt bike gloves do not offer protection that is sufficient for that kind of riding. When you’re riding off-road, you will have to deal with falling off your dirt bike, falling on abrasive ground, using your hands to break your fall, hands that will get bruised and cut if the glove doesn’t offer sufficient protection.

My Top Picks

There are, however, some amazing gloves available on the market. I strongly recommend the Fox Bomber Gloves, which offer extra protection for your knuckles with polycarbonate, offering protection against thorns with their padded interiors, and offering fingers on their gloves that are compatible with using smartphones. They are a little costlier than regular gloves, but the investment is well worth what you spend on them. These are my top high-end pick. Having said that, there have been some complaints of manufacturing defects with these gloves and they are said by some users to wear out quickly. Other users, myself included, have not had that complaint.

Another good pair of the gloves for off-road dirt bike riding at a more mid-ranged price are the O’Neal Butch Carbon Fiber Gloves. They provide a good balance of durability and safety, also offering protection for each knuckle using polycarbonate. Their palms are padded, helping with the reduction of blisters and reducing fatigue. The gloves also don’t stiffen up when drying. However, there have been complaints that these gloves take a good hour or two before they loosen up to fit your hand properly. You may also want to order a size larger than what normally fits you when it comes to these gloves.

Gloves Offering Medium Protection

For off-road dirt bike riding, I recommend gloves which offer the most protection for reasons already explained. If, however, you are not riding off-road, and are okay with getting your hands cut or bruised from time to time, I recommend for you the Fox Dirtpaw Gloves. These gloves do offer some protection for the knuckles, made out of lycra, a material far superior to the normal material, but these gloves don’t come with as much bulk as polycarbonate.

They are on the less expensive side, good for riders who want only slightly more than very thin protection, reducing their protective gear’s bulk as much as possible.
Leatt also offers good gear, but I don’t recommend their gloves, which are overpriced without offering good protection for your palms. They aren’t pleasing to look at either.

Lightweight Gloves

For some riders, the function of gloves is to give them a firm grip over their handlebars and absorbing the sweat off their hands. These riders don’t look for gloves that offer protection. That’s perfectly fine. After all, dirt bike riding is a subjective pursuit; different people look for different things. And while gloves can protect you against cuts and bruises, they won’t do much in case you’re in a crash that breaks your bones.

So, if you ride motocross or on tracks and don’t ride off-road, you don’t need to worry about falling on abrasive ground. For such riders, I recommend simple dirt bike gloves, such as the Thor Invert.

Budget Option with Extra Protections

Nothing special goes into the manufacturing of dirt bike gloves. It is possible to find tactical gloves that offer greater protection in lower price ranges. These gloves may not appear the same as dirt bike gloves, but they lack nothing in functionality. The two things that you do want to be sure of, however, is that the gloves contain webbing between their thumbs and forefingers with thick padding. Many gloves that can be used for other activities such as shooting can double as gloves for dirt bikes. If you purchase tactical gloves, ensure that they offer sufficient breathing as well as getting rid of sweat. Otherwise, your hands will end up getting too sweaty and hot.

Gloves for Dirt Bike Riding and The Weather

You will need a different set of gloves for summer and winter. If you use winter gloves in the summer, your hands will heat up too much and sweat excessively. Conversely, if you use summer gloves for riding in winter, your hands will become unbearably cold. Having said that, it is also a question of how extreme weather conditions get where you ride your dirt bike.
So, I recommend the Fox Polar Cold Weather Gloves for the winter in the mid-range. If you want to spend a bit more money you can get something high-end from Volt. These will keep your hands warm in the winter.

How to Size Dirt Bike Gloves

In order to size your dirt bike gloves, you will need to take your hand’s measurements and match them against size charts that you can find online. You will need two measurements, your hand length and your hand circumference. To measure your hand length, open your hand and extend the fingers. Then measure, starting from the base of your palm, where it is connected to your wrist, up to the top of the middle finger. To measure your hand’s circumference, take a measuring tape, wrapping it around your hand right behind your knuckles, without including your thumb. Keep it wrapped snugly. Do this for both hands. Use the larger measurement of the two.

How to Clean Your Riding Gloves

The safest way to clean your riding gloves is by following the instructions given on the tag. You can probably throw your gloves into the washing machine along with the rest of your clothes. But if they are exceptionally dirty, you will want to wash the dirt off of them first, freeing them of muddy and soiled areas. You probably don’t want to use a dryer on them, as this increases the risk of them shrinking. Let them dry on a clothes line instead.

Men’s Gloves vs Women’s Gloves

There is no difference between the two; what works for one will work for the other. Gloves are one of several dirt bike riding accessories that are the same for men and women.
Buy dirt bike gloves from Amazon
Amazon seems to sell just about everything under the sun. It is a great place to browse for and buy dirt bike gloves, as they offer the full range out there, from gloves offering maximum protection, to lightweight gloves.

Waterproof Gloves

Most dirt bike gloves aren’t waterproof; they are made out of material that allows water to seep in. But some, like the MSR Coldpro gloves are waterproof. However, they lack insulation, so it’s a trade-off you have to be willing to accept.

Colors and Patterns and Brands of Dirt Bike Gloves

Dirt bike gloves are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You are bound to find something that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to you.

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