Dirt Bike Gear for 3-Year-Olds

Dirt Bike Gear for 3-Year-Olds

Dirt Bike Gear for 3-Year-Olds

Dirt Bike Gear for 3-Year-Olds

Dirt Bike Gear for 3-Year-Olds

Dirt Bike Gear for 3-Year-Olds, what? they make these for such a young riders? Yes, they do and let me tell you all about it. As an avid dirt bike rider, I’m pretty versed on my favorite gear brands and what works best for my body and skill level. My buddy’s son is three years old and has expressed interest in the adventurous hobby, but my friend and I realized that there isn’t a ton of information out there for getting a youngster started with proper gear. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to create a trusted resource for those that need some help getting started and finding the best protective gear for their little one.

Whether your three-year-old is a boy or a girl, safety is obviously the most important thing to consider when it comes to choosing the best protective gear. Because your child’s body parts are still developing, it’s crucial to be extremely conscientious in selecting products that protect the body and deter significant injuries. Your child is still perfecting his or her reflexes and instincts, so their natural reactions to tumbles and falls may not be as avoidable as an older child’s. Their bones are softer, their muscles are still a bit weak, and their joint strength is still growing, so it’s imperative that you pay close attention to the products you choose for protecting your child.

  1. Dirt Bike Helmets for 3-Year-Olds

This is the first avenue of protective gear that you should explore, as this is the most important. Head safety is paramount for protecting the skull, face, and of course, the brain. While most dirt biking gear manufacturers make youth helmets, a year can make a world of difference when it comes to sizing. Be sure to take a measurement of your child’s head to determine the size of the helmet you should be purchasing. From here, you’ll be able to understand what to take into account when picking out a helmet. On average, a three-year-old will be able to wear a youth’s small, but again, it’s imperative to know for sure the size you’ll need for your child rider before committing to a model.

Overall, Fox is a reliable and well-known brand for dirt bikers, and their branding is quite recognizable, even to those outside of the dirt biking community, so you can feel trust with this brand. My recommendation for a three-year-old is the Fox Racing Race Youth V1 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet. The most important thing about this product is that it’s DOT Certified by the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA), ensuring that it meets all the quality standards for fit, component materials, and corrosion resistance. The padding on the interior of the helmet will keep your head safe from any kind of impact, and the weight is ideal for a smaller head, as it won’t be too heavy for your rider yet is sturdy enough to protect. Depending on the balance and fall-resistant level of your child rider, you will want to take into account how much you’re willing to spend on a helmet of this quality. Keep in mind that your child grows quickly at this age, so you’ll be rotating helmets frequently, especially with how much impact the helmet will be receiving from falls and in general transport. It might be worth it to start basic with design, as more advanced riders won’t have as many nicks or scratches on advanced designs.

  1. Boots for 3-Year-Old

As your child grows up, you inevitably know that their kinetic instinct grows stronger, so it’s a no-brainer that your three-year-old will need proper riding boots as they learn the dirt bike. Not only will the boots protect your child’s feet and ankles from twisting or blunt trauma, but they’ll also provide strength and support for their calves and legs. Since they’re also riding a bike with an engine, the boots will also protect their skin from any kind of burning or engine contact, which presents a bit of a different sensation from a traditional bike.

AXO is another great brand for youth equipment. I recommend AXO 11000-05-080 Drone Boots for your three-year-old. These boots have a one-buckle height shin plate that completely wraps around and protects the shin, another crucial area of growth for your child. It’s a good idea to have your child walk around with them on in the house to break them in and get used to the stiffness; communicate with them that the stiffness is a good thing, as it protects them from injury. Since these boots aren’t necessarily designed for advanced riding, like through deep water or heavy mud, these are ideal for beginner ridders. The buckles can be difficult to fasten and unfasten, but for a beginner rider, this can be a good thing, as you can feel comfortable knowing that he or she won’t become unfastened during their ride. Additionally, keep in mind that you’ll be “sizing up” due to your child’s growth, so remember that you may not need to spend top dollar for your child’s first pair of boots.

  1. Jerseys for 3-Year-Olds

Jerseys are tops for your dirt biker that will protect them from sun, dirt, and debris, and they’re also designed to allow for breathing from sweat and the sun’s beams. Additionally, they’re also designed to be malleable and flexible for protective body armor either underneath or on top of the jersey. As an aesthetic, these jerseys are also meant to inspire and excite your three-year-old for the sport of dirt biking; chances are, your three-year-old expressed interest in the sport from watching someone else ride, and that person most likely wore a jersey that caught their eye.

For this reason of recognition, I recommend Fox again. Your child will feel confident wearing the most recognizable dirt biking brand, and this confidence will translate to the track. Fox Racing 180 Race Youth Off-Road Motorcycle Jerseys provide that brand recognition as well as supreme durability. For a three-year-old, I suggest getting a youth small, as you’re more than likely dressing him or her in an undershirt or two, and the extra room will also allow for the chest protector. You also don’t want the jersey to be too tight on your child, as this will prohibit their movement. To add to the point that your child is in constant growth, it also might be a decent idea to even go one size up so you can get as much use out of the jersey as possible. As long as it isn’t too big that it drags or has potential in getting caught in anything, you will be fine AND save money in the process.

  1. Pants for 3-Year-Olds Dirt Biker

Given how close your child’s legs are to the wheels and engine, you need to ensure you pick out the most effectively protective pants for your three-year-old. You’ll want to look for a set that offer proper flexibility, durability, and ventilation and still provides enough protection for falls or any other kind of impact. You’ll also want to look at the design in the knee and hip, as you’ll need simultaneous extra padding and flexibility since this is where the prime movements will take place.

As long as no one cares about matching brands, I recommend O’Neal 2018 Youth Element Pants for several reasons. Not only will these pants give you the most bang for your buck with how quickly your child will be growing, but they offer the best protection for your growing child’s body. Since your three-year-old’s joints are still gaining strength and increasing mobility, it’s imperative to protect the knees and hips as best as possible to avoid future or long-term injury-related damage. These pants also have minimal material over the lower leg to allow for the boots to fit nicely and snugly without being too tight. One of my favorite elements of these pants is the leather on the knee panels for the ultimate heat resistance from the engine; for advanced riders, this sensation becomes second nature, but for beginners, this is something to get used to, and your rider will feel more focused on the track if their right knee is comfortable.

  1. Gloves

This is a product that you’ll come to find is a necessity for any rider at any skill level. Not only do gloves protect your hands from wear and tear from the handles, ground, and elements, but they’ll provide proper grip during rides of all terrain. While your three-year-old is probably a few years away from high-impact jumps and turns, it’s a good idea to get them accustomed to the feeling of wearing them on every ride. As they advance in skill, they’ll discover that wearing them will aid them through sweat, weather elements, and grip enhancement.

Your three-year-old’s hands are still pretty small and won’t have a lot of strength, but it’s still wise to invest in a decent pair of gloves to get them used to the feeling. Plus, when they inevitably fall, it’ll help break their fall and protect them from cuts and scrapes. I recommend Fox Racing 2019 Youth Dirtpaw Race Glove in 2XS. As one of the few that make a size this small, it’s a wise investment in this already prolific manufacturer.

  1. Protection & Armor

A chest protector is another must-have for your beginner rider. Since he or she is just learning the ropes, falls and sudden impacts are inevitable, and having proper chest and back protections means the ribs, internal organs, and spine are safe from harm. As I mentioned before, your three-year-old is still learning his or her body’s capabilities in general, so finding rhythm on top of a dirt bike will be an even bigger learning curve. You’ll need a model that is snug yet mobile enough for twists, turns, and elevation.

Webetop Kids Dirt Bike Body Chest Spine Protector makes an excellent model that is designed specifically for your little beginner. The small model is made for a height of 39” – 45”, which is pretty ideal for an average three-year-old. If your child is bit on the smaller side, a great idea is to put the protector on the outside of the jersey to allow for extra growing room. This protector also has a kidney belt for further aid, and the unit itself is easy to put on and remove, which is perfect for proper adjustment as your child grows into it and grows more comfortable with the piece.

  1. Goggles

We have vision insurance for a reason, right? Our sight is crucial to our well-being, and you want to ensure that your child’s eyesight is protected properly. Not only will goggles will protect your three-year-old’s eye’s from the sun, dirt, debris, and even sweat, but a good pair will be anti-fog so optimum sight can be achieved.

GLX makes a really great model designed for the younger set of riders. GLX Youth Kids Sports Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle Off Road Racing ATV Goggles Anti-Fog have an adjustable strap so you can customize the fit for your child’s head and helmet. This brand is also incredible affordable, so as your child gets older, the investment will be within any kind of budget. The padding on the inside will help with sweat absorption yet still ventilate properly so your child is comfortable.

  1. Jacket

One of the most popular elements of dirt biking is the excitement of riding throughout all the elements. While your beginner rider may not be riding in the harshest of conditions, you’ll still want them in mild conditions so that they adjust to all kinds of riding terrain. If there’s light rain in the forecast, it’s handy to have a proper jacket on hand to not only protect your child but to protect all the other gear that you’ve spent money on.

Once again, Fox is the winner. Fox Racing Fluid MX Youth Dirt Bike Jacket – Clear is great for riders trekking out in the rain. The clear design allows for complete visibility, and the polyurethane protects from moisture getting into the jersey and other protective gear. Another feature that I really like about this jacket is the reflective tape so visibility is optimal for YOU while you’re watching your three-year-old explore wet terrain. Feel free to order a size up with this jacket, as you’ll want to allow enough room for the chest protector and jersey and any other inclement weather layers your child might have on.

  1. Dirt Bike Protection

Just as your three-year-old is adjusting to his or her body and its capabilities, your beginner rider will also be adjusting to riding a dirt bike. Spills and falls are expected, but through these learning curves, your child’s dirt bike will also receive some of this abuse. It’s a great idea to invest in a few protective pieces that will elongate your bike’s shelf life.

Skid Plates for Your Dirt Bike

For your beginner rider, these pieces will be crucial as your child will be learning their own comfort and control of their bike. These plates will protect the underside of bike so even with the most beginner’s handling, the bike will be fine. TC-Motor is the most cost effective manufacturer for skid plates. As you’ll more than likely go through a few over the years, these are the best to invest in. This model plays well with many brands of bikes, so chances are this will work for you. Just be sure to measure your bike before purchasing and you should be protected!

Drive Cover for Your Dirt Bike

Your three-year-old is still learning his or her body as well as the bike, so take all of this into consideration while looking for protective gear for your bike. These plates will stop backfires from damaging the bike AND keep your rider feeling safe. JCMOTO has a great model that helps with these minor happenings and fits most bike engines from 50cc to 160cc.

Engine Guards

Depending on the year, make, and model of your bike, it’s a great chance that Lightspeed makes an engine guard that will fit your unit. Lightspeed makes a model fit for almost any kind of bike, so be sure you do some measuring before purchasing. These are also the most cost effective for any kind of budget so you can focus on spending your money on the fun stuff!

Hand Guards

To not only protect your child’s hands and your handlebars, these might be a worthy investment for your dirt bike. Since your three-year-old will be inevitably be taking many spills and knock-outs, it’ll be beneficial to ensure their hands are protected from any sudden impacts. Depending on the make and model of your bike, I trust Cycra for ultimate protection and simple installation.

It’s exciting that your three-year-old is expressing interest in this awesome sport. With enough practice and dedication, your beginner rider will surely feel inspired to keep practicing. As a parent, you understand the importance of physical safety, so it’s important to take note of everything that I’ve recommended in this article. It can be super easy to let your child’s instinct take the lead, but remember that your child is still physically developing and growing, which leaves their joints, bones, and organs extra susceptible to injury or damage. With enough attention and care, your child will be an advanced dirt biker in no time.