How to Ride a Dirt Bike Videos

There are plenty of videos out there dealing with dirt bikes, giving information and tips on how best to ride them, information dealing with a variety of different aspects of dirt bike riding, from how to start a dirt bike to the correct body positions while riding it, from how to get into gear to performing jumps and wheelies on it. Here is a selection of a few YouTube videos that you can watch for their useful information.

How to Ride a Dirt Bike for Beginners (with a Clutch) – 3 EASY STEPS

This short video is an excellent introduction for beginners wanting to learn how to ride a dirt bike. It deals with the question at hand in three steps, the first teaching you all you need to know about the controls, the second teaching you how to use the clutch, a really important aspect of dirt bike riding, and the third teaching you about shifting and braking.

How to Wheelie a Dirt Bike Like a Pro in 3 Easy Steps!

This short video provides an excellent introduction for beginners who want to learn how to perform a wheelie on their dirt bikes. It does so in three simple steps, the first step dealing with the correct body position for performing a wheelie, the second step providing a basic understanding of all the controls involved and the third step dealing with the right balance and use of the read break and throttle while performing wheelies.

How to Corner on a Dirt Bike – Basic Rut Technique

This video deals with how to use the dirt bike when turning a corner. It divides its lesson into three steps also, the first step dealing with the entry, the second step dealing with the setup and the third step dealing with how to exit the turn safely and smoothly.

Top 5 Most Common Motocross Riding Mistakes – Learn Dirt Bike Skills!!

This short video highlights the 5 most common mistakes made by beginning dirt bike riders and how to correct them, including the proper foot placement, the way to keep your knees, and where to look with your eyes. This video helps you come to grips with the basics of dirt bike riding and enhance your skills.

Top 5 Jumping Mistakes on a Dirt Bike – Most Common Problems & Solutions!!

This short video highlights 5 mistakes made by dirt bike riders when jumping. These mistakes include improper throttle delivery, improper balance position and sitting or standing at the wrong time. This video is for those of you out there who have already mastered the basics of dirt bike riding and want to try jumping with it. Make sure you watch it and correct the mistakes, if you’re making any of them, listed here.

Top 10 Dirt Bike Riding Tips for Off-road and Enduro Dirt Bikes – Stop Sucking!

This is a slightly longer video that provides ten tips for improving your dirt bike riding off-road and enduro. These tips will help you become more proficient and less fatigued as a dirt bike rider. They provide tips for beginners, including how to stand or sit on a dirt bike, what kind of body position to maintain at the dirt bike and what to do with your body when you’re turning. This video helps you develop the basic skills of dirt bike riding at a professional level.

Dirt Bike Trail Riding Tips

This slightly long video offers some valuable tips for riding your dirt bike on a trail, tips that improve your abilities as a dirt bike riding. It is set in North Idaho, offering tips for training off season. These tips will certainly help you learn what you need to do to train your body for dirt bike riding, how to mentally train for it, including mental exercises and the obstacles you need to face. These tips will most certainly make you a better rider.

WHEN TO STAND OR SIT ON DIRT BIKES: Cross Training Enduro Skills

This short video takes a detailed look at when it is better to stand and when you should sit on your dirt bike. It looks at and enumerates the advantages of each, analyzing them carefully, looking at variables like terrain, the rider’s ability and risk of injury. It takes you step by step through the factors you should take into account before deciding when to stand and when to sit.

Motocross Race Tips for Beginners

This shortish video focuses on providing motocross race tips for beginner. It offers some common sensical advice for beginning racers, including knowing and staying within your limits, holding your line and building up your confidence. The tips provided here aren’t overly technical. They are accessible and easy to understand. They will offer some useful encouragement to beginning racers, helping them deal with nerves and succeeding in completing their first races.

The Basic Fundamentals of Riding a Dirt bike

This relatively short video goes right back to the basics, starting from how to start your bike, how to get into gear, where to keep your feet, and how to get going. It deals with body positions while sitting, standing and jumping. It’s a great primer for those of you who have just gotten your first dirt bikes. It takes you, step by step, through everything you need to know to be comfortable on your dirt bikes. We recommend this video for beginners.

Dirt bike setup tips for motocross beginners – handlebars and levers

This video deals with tips for setting up your dirt bikes for beginners. It focuses on how to properly setup your handlebars and levers in relation to your body. It tells you the ideal place to sit on your bike (and which places to avoid sitting on), the correct elbow position and head position, the right position for your feet as well as your knees. This is a very useful video for beginners setting up their dirt bikes for motocross tracks.

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