Why Dirt Bikes Don’t Have Kickstands


Why Dirt Bikes Don’t Have Kickstands

While some dirt bikes do come with kickstands, the majority do not, especially the very pricey ones. That might be surprising to you as any new dirt bike rider would expect to see a kickstand to support your bike while you are taking a break from riding or simply keeping your bike in the garage. Well, that is not always the case. Experienced dirt bike riders would tell you they don’t need a kickstand on their bikes because there is 1 less thing to worry about getting caught in vegetation as they ride. Some riders laugh and consider kickstands as a completely impractical dirt bike dress-up accessories, kind-a like ribbons on your handlebars. The real reason why dirt bikes don’t have kickstands is a weight saving. The heavier the bike the slower the rider goes.
Some riders complain about the annoying rattling sounds they make, so motocross riders would much rather avoid them.

• Weight Savings

Dirt bikes in themselves are heavy enough and while the heavier it is the harder it is to maneuver and it slows the rider down. If a motocross riders want to win they will do anything they can to shave few pounds off their bikes. Granted kickstands do not weigh that much, but it all adds up in the end.

• Kickstands Are Not All That Secure

Some riders avoid kickstands because they are actually less secure than a bike stand. They often fall over causing a lot of damage to the bike and who wants to deal with that. Imagine putting the bike on a kickstand on the dirt or any softer surface. You get the picture the weight on the kickstand while the bike leans on it on one side can sink in soft dirt and bike falls again damaging it.

• Safety Hazard

The very position of the kickstand makes it very susceptible to getting caught on things like vegetation on the side of the trail, especially when riding enduro, putting the safety of the rider in jeopardy. With a hundred plus parts on the dirt bike alone that can pick up vegetation, most riders don’t want to add on the burden of the kickstand getting stuck on things. The kickstand has the knack ability to not only pick but actually get stuck which can easily throw off the riders’ balance when riding on top speed.

Kickstands Might Get In The Way Of The Boot

There are some brands of riding boots that make it extremely tricky for riders to push down the kickstand down while riding the bike, especially on an incline. Boots that have solid plastic heel areas at the back of the boot with a very narrow rubber sole on the bottom are the culprits. Their design makes it very hard to get to the narrow rubber sole on the little stub and push the kickstand down.

Is A Kickstand Important On A Dirt Bike?

Since dirt bikes are built for sport, most riders agree that kickstands are not necessary at all unless you are using it for transportation as well. Nobody seems to have a problem supporting their bikes. A simple dirt bike stand, where you can set your bike on it after riding, should do the trick.

Parking A Dirt Bike Without Kickstand

There are several ways you can park or support your dirt bike without a kickstand when not in use. From bike stands, click-stands to even leaning it on the wall, you can never run out of alternatives. Fortunately, all of these solutions are easy and cheap. You’ll just have to pick the one that is best suited to your style. Let’s look in detail at some of the ways below.

Kickstand Alternatives/How To Stand Up A Bike Without A Kickstand

Dirt Bike Stand

A dirt bike stand is probably the most common alternatives out there. You can easily bring it with you on your truck when you go riding. When you are riding, you simply lift your machine onto the stand. They are readily available online.

Triangle Stand

A Triangle Stand works more or less like the bike stand but it is more secure. It has a wider base that makes it more stable. You will also find it easily online.

The Click-Stand

The click stand is another great alternative and it comes in two basic tubing diameters: the Mini 9.5 mm and the Maxi 11 mm. The Mini is ideal for basic unloaded bikes, while Maxi is best suited for heavy things like loaded touring bikes or racing bikes. Each stand is custom-made to the frame size of the particular bike and has one an option of choosing between four, five and six segments. The higher the number of segments, the shorter the stand will be when folded down and these vary from seven to ten inches.

The Upstand

The Upstand, similar to the Click-Stand, attaches to the bike’s rear wheel via a magnet. It is also made of connected sections of tubing and held with a rubber foot on the ground. When the stand is in use, the magnet attaches itself to a metal tab installed next to the quick release lever on the rear wheel skewer of the bike.

Lean It Up Against Walls

Of course, you always have the option of leaning it against the wall; the most cost-effective alternative to all the above. Most riders do this anyway; you might as well join the bandwagon. With dirt bikes, eventually one realizes there are always things to lean it against, even on the side of a jeep.

Is Kickstands Easy To Mount On The Bike And Take It Off?

Fortunately, kickstands are not difficult to install or take off if you happen to want one on your dirt bike. They come with installation instructions that are easy to follow. Step by step online videos and pictorial guides also come in handy and many are using them.

How Can You Secure Kickstand So It Doesn’t Open During Riding?

When installing a kickstand, you want one that has a retraction device, very resilient auto-retreat mechanisms that make accidental deployments highly unlikely. While the kickstand may shift slightly under heavy impact, that fleeting momentum is quickly overridden by the retraction device. This device is practically mandatory for off-road riding.

Is There A Disadvantage Of Not Having A Kickstand?

The only disadvantage really of not having a kickstand is if you actually use your bike for transportation. Still, there are those who use their dirt bikes for transportation (as they don’t own a car) and still swear by riding without a kickstand, nor do they wish for one.

Is There A Dirt Bike With Kickstand Already Installed?

Many older models of dirt bikes come with a kickstand including the Worksman Industrial Bike and the Honda 250x Trail Bike.

So if you expected your dirt bike to come with a kickstand and it doesn’t, don’t let this bug you and get tempted to go drilling holes in your bike. With or without a kickstand you now know what to do.

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